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3D Target Pivot Stand

3D Reactive Targets on Hit Reactive Pivot Stand

MotoMan 3D Reactive Target Pivot Stand

MotoMan 3D Targets are realistic durable hit reactive targets that can be used for a multitude of training scenarios. The MotoMan 3D Target is a rugged all-weather target that can be used on our 3D Target pivot stand, 3D Target Dropper, or on any of our moving target systems such as the Elite Series Target System.

The MotoMan 3D Target is fully dimensional, light-weight and can be set up with no tools.

MotoMan is Hit Reactive

Fill 3D Reactive MotoMan with granular rubber and set him on our pivot stand and he becomes hit reactive to handgun and rifle rounds. Additionally, with the purchase of an electronic hit sensor, MotoMan becomes hit reactive to live-fire and NLTA when used with on of our Moving Target Systems or 3D Dropper Systems.

Pivot Stand - New and Improved Over Other Stands on the Market

Heavy duty, all steel “H Style” Pivot Stand.

Adjustable fall power factor for handgun or rifle rounds.

Unlike other pivot stands our lower pivot point limits steel in the line of fire.

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Motoshot’s pivot stand provides realistic training opportunites and allows you to make the most of your 3D targets.

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