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Active Shooter and Bounding Overwatch

Active Shooter and Bounding Overwatch Training with MotoShot

Active shooter training like this should be part of the use of force standard for police departments across the country. The MotoShot mover provides some of these amazing and necessary skill development exercises.
Jose Medina – Owner Awareness Protective Consultants LLC

You will see in the video how the officers work together in the exercise. Additionally, the training provides physical and mental stressors.

  • Movement (cardio) from a distance getting the heart rate elevated
  • Making the officers think of what will be waiting for them on the other side of the doorway.
For the past 18 years, we have provided Active Shooter-Mass Casualty instructor training for police in both classrooms and the field of practical exercises. As part of our live-fire portion of the instructor course, we take students through our reality-based tactical approaches in actual structures such as schools, businesses, shopping malls while also applying the same concepts to the live-fire range. One of our instructor teaching exercises is our Active Shooter Bounding Overwatch approach to threat exercise. It is broken down into the following sequences:

  1. (2) Cover barrels or barricades are set at the 50-yard line spaced approximately 15 feet apart from each other.
  2. (2) Officers will start at the barricades with each one having their own point of cover side by side from each other.
  3. At the 10-yard line, there will be an entry door set up using more barricades/barrels to replicate a doorway opening.
  4. Inside the 10-yard line room entry area, the MotoShot will be station discreetly behind one of the room entry walls at an angle officers cannot identify clearly from the 50-yard line distance. In this case, we provide two-sided subject targets with one being a shoot and another one being a no-shoot target.
  5. The first officer will begin to move towards the doorway opening that replicates a building doorway. The officer will signal verbally to his partner they are “moving” forward
  6. The partner officer will acknowledge they received the verbal stimulus of the officer \”moving.\” The partner officer will let the moving officer know to “move.”
  7. The first officer will tactically advance up to the make-shift structure and commence clearing near the doorway area.
  8. The second officer will then advance forward towards the same location as the officer\’s partner.
  9. Both officers will then attempt to clear the room starting from the doorway area with one officer who can decide to “soften or pie” the doorway threshold area. As both officers communicate with each other about what they can see inside such as the MotoShot either moving or in a stationary position while identifying the possible threat inside. This portion provides officers the ability to practice verbal command call-outs of the subject while also looking beyond the target to see if any other threats exist
  10. At one point a decision can be made by officers to either continue addressing the threat from outside the doorway or they can decide to make entry into the room.
  11. At that time, the instructor controlling the MotoShot will then turn the target mover from a non-armed threat to a possible armed threat target by simply spinning the target as the officers make entry.
  12. Once officers engage on the targets either with deadly force or non-deadly force, the goal is for the officers to identify the threats and move to them once their task of either shoot or don’t shoot occurs.

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The article was written by Jose Medina June 2021

About the author

Jose L. Medina is currently a 27-year veteran of Law Enforcement and 17-year owner of Awareness Protective Consultants, doing business as Team APC and Medina Tactical Dynamics. Jose has an extensive background in training and consulting for various groups such as Law Enforcement, Schools, and Corporate Industries. Jose Medina and his team at Awareness Protective Consultants LLC (Team APC USA) have traveled, trained, lectured, and consulted throughout the world from Canada to Asia. Jose Medina can be reached at 732-259-4185, WEB or

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