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Unpredictable, Real-Time Scenarios

MotoShot | Moving and Reactive Target Training

As many of you know the Run, Hide, Fight concept was introduced by the F.B.I. as a result, in short, because of numerous active shooter incidents. I won’t name the events as they are all too familiar. What needs discussing is what steps we take to mitigate the carnage?

Officers have been trained that locating the threat and neutralizing it as quickly as possible, along with medical teams close behind rendering aid, will save lives. The question is, how do you provide training that will give officers and medical personnel realistic confrontation? Imagine for a moment being confronted by an adversary, forced to make a decision and then reacting to the threat. Is that even possible? Of course, it is!

“MotoShot, when in the hands of a well-trained instructor, can provide an optimal training platform allowing officers to respond to a simulated active threat. After well-placed rounds in the MotoShot, the threat will cease its advance.”  

Hands-on exercises simulate unpredictable Active Shooter Events in real time scenarios that enable learning and practice while improving effectiveness and officer safety!

If your SWAT team or Department is not using a device like MotoShot, you are missing out on a truly effective and realistic training aid.

by Glen Hartman | Hudson Police Department

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