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Auto Reset Targets

Auto Reset Targets

One of the essential firearms training elements is providing realistic training on the range from close quarter simulated room distance or even in actual live structured environments to include buildings.

Moving target systems, combined with automatic resets for targets, is another excellent feature that helps provide a good series of exercises for students without delaying the training to return the targets to an upright position.

We can no longer continue to work with 1-dimensional targets when we live in a 3 Dimensional world.

The MotoShot Elite Target System combined with the 3D Targets has now answered many good instructors’ questions.  You see, in our industry, we can no longer continue to work with 1-dimensional targets when we live in a 3 Dimensional world. Good instructors work with their students to be proficient in both target identification, and accuracy of the shots fired. Wouldn’t we all agree that some of the most critical areas of training law enforcement officers should be working on a consistent level?

Training with 3D targets, including specific clothing and other identifiers of the subject, is just some of the key components that make training that much more successful, so officers are prepared in real life.

Example exercises that MotoShot Target System can be used are as followed:

  1. Room entry exercises with target system placed in any area of the room where the live-fire range allows for the proper angle of shooting
  2. When officers make an entry, create the situational target to reflect a shoot/don’t shoot scenarios such as cell phone in hand, knife, gun, or another object
  3. If it is a shoot scenario, have your officers understand the “controlled shooting” objectives. In other words, some may use “double tap-assess-reapply force when needed,” or others use “shoot until the subject is completely down” (not my recommendation). But even after applying that same force, officers should continue to move towards the down threat with other officers clearing the immediate area.
  4. A threat assessment should be conducted (simulated) of the subject/s through the entirety of the exercise to simulate securing the threat and rendering aid.
  5. Upon completing the exercise, have the officers exit the room entry area and conduct a short after-action review of the incident, scenario, and beyond, obtaining some input from the first set of officers who conducted the exercise.
  6. The MotoShot Hit Reactive Targets can be reset with the target set back up within seconds
  7. Similar scenarios can be set up from a further distance to replicate a subject across the street, at home, and officers are taking cover from behind motor vehicles.
  8. Officers can confront the subject who is armed from a distance, and when the target gets knocked down, it can instantly be reset back up to give a possible indication that the subject was knocked down but was able to get back up and engage. Sounds credible, no?  It can happen, and this is what you need to add to your training elements.
  9. You can also replicate those applications inside buildings when conducting Simunitions/UTM type munitions where officers do not have to wear full-face masks. However, simple eye protection and training still replicate real life while using the best training equipment. Whether it be long hallways or closed in room areas, the target reset system provides instant re-start of action

At the end of each exercise, make sure to take the time to provide after action officer analysis to assure officers are retaining the information and learning their objectives

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The article was written by Jose Medina February 2021

About the author
Jose L. Medina is currently a 27-year veteran of Law Enforcement and 17-year owner of Awareness Protective Consultants, doing business as Team APC and Medina Tactical Dynamics. Jose has an extensive background in training and consulting for various groups such as Law Enforcement, Schools, and Corporate Industries. Jose Medina and his team at Awareness Protective Consultants LLC (Team APC USA) have traveled, trained, lectured, and consulted throughout the world from Canada to Asia. Jose Medina can be reached at 732-259-4185, WEB or

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