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Bounding Overwatch or Leapfrogging

I am going to preface this article by saying I am by no means an expert in Military or SWAT Tactics. For the purposes of this article, we going to discuss the tactic of Bounding Overwatch or Leapfrogging. When I was introduced to this tactic as a patrol officer it was for the purpose of responding to active shooter threats. We went to the local school where the tactic was demonstrated by some of my military colleagues, obviously it was done without weapons. The objective was to get across large open areas as quickly as possible with the least number of casualties. Leapfrogging from car to car or tree to tree with fellow officers to arrive at the desired threat was the idea. Again, this was done without weapons.

One of the first things I learned about the tactic was it was fatiguing. So how do we shrink the area down to a manageable size and still learn the skill?

One of the first things I learned about the tactic was it was fatiguing. So how do we shrink the area down to a manageable size and still learn the skill? MotoShot is an excellent tool for this tactic. The MotoShot robot can move any distance forcing the student to employ the skill and it can be done with or without firearms. I leave the use of firearms to your specific firearms training facilities. Keep in mind that MotoShot is equipped with the ability to react to Taser, less lethal rounds, and Pepper spray as well as firearms. In any case, when multiple students are on the move care should be taken to avoid any mishaps. If your range has the availability of trees or small buildings, MotoShot can be positioned in those settings so students can Leapfrog across the open field while searching out the threat. The distance can be controlled and thereby decreasing fatigue and improving mastery of the skill. Since MotoShot has the auto-rest feature, the robot can be reset and ready to begin the next scenario.

One of the concerns of Bounding Overwatch is losing sight of your fellow team members which can increase the likelihood of them facing the threat alone. The MotoShot robot, in the hands of a good instructor, can reduce this problem. Keeping control of the distance of the robot in relation to the student minimizes losing site of teammates.

The MotoShot chassis has an extremely high-grade steel design to minimize damage as a result of gunfire. The remote-controlled four-wheel drive design allows MotoShot to operate in a wide variety of terrain. This allows the operator to move the robot in any direction giving the student a variety of terrain challenges. MotoShot can run in snow, mud, sand, and gravel making it the ultimate training tool. I would also encourage instructors to train students in winter conditions for obvious reasons. Reluctance to train in inclement conditions is doing a disservice to our students.

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