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C-Bell Steel Targets

Performs Better - Rings Louder and Longer

Portable steel targets provide years of shooting excitement. We sought to produce a steel target that was better than the options that are currently available.

– A better-performing, more exciting option that can be used from any angle for years to come.

The unique feedback ring produced by a hit to a C-Bell Target is not like any other. C-Bell Targets have been proven, by Independent 3rd Party Testing, to perform better with a smaller spall angle than standard flat steel targets.

  • A more exciting, longer-lasting ring!
  • The only steel target that ALWAYS faces the shooter
  • Has a consistent dimensional shooting surface from any angle

C-Bell portable steel targets are the FIRST EVER 360° shooting target. The cylindrical design allows shooting from any angle while maintaining a consistent dimensional shooting surface (CDSS).
The conventional flat steel target’s “ping” dissipates almost immediately while the C-Bell “ping” rings on for several seconds.

If you haven’t had a chance to shoot at C-Bell Steel Targets yet you don’t know what you are missing!

Steel Target Options

C-Bell 6" Steel Target

  • Target Head Dimensions: 5.25″ diameter x 6″ Height
  • Material: AR500 Hardened Steel Plate
  • Welded 2″x 4″ mounting pocket
  • Assembled Weight: 9.1 lbs
  • Stand sold separately

Spall Result Sample Data from Independent 3rd Party Testing

Center impact shots- handgun rounds

“In all cases, the cylindrical samples had smaller maximum spall angles as compared to the flat steel sample. Both the 8″ AR400 and 6″ AR500 samples not only performed very consistently when faced with the same threat for multiple shots, but also had very consistent results when compared against each other regarding performance under identical test conditions.” The spall angle range for the AR400 vs. 9mm FMJ was 7.5°. The spall angle range for the AR500 vs. 9mm FMJ was 5.2° to 7.1°. *

Glancing impact shots - handgun rounds

In three (3) out of six (6) shots [3 center shots, 3 glancing] with 9mm FMJ ammunition against the cylindrical samples there was no spall in front of the samples. Both 8″ AR400 and 6″ AR500 samples provided only produced spall behind the sample when they were impacted with glancing edge shots. When using C-Bell Target keep a 30° safe zone on each side and behind each target for glancing rounds.

C-Bell Portable Steel Targets perform better than standard steel

When compared to flat steel spall results, C-Bell Targets produce a smaller maximum spall angle for center impact shots and only trace forward spall for glancing shots.

C-Bell Targets are made from the highest quality AR Steel. C-Bell Targets are free of bolts or brackets leaving a smooth shooting surface. The type and design of a steel target determines the angle of deflection. C-Bell Targets were tested by an Independent 3rd Parting testing facility. Deflection testing was done using “witness boxes” to determine the angle of deflection. After shooting numerous rounds, the path of the bullet fragments was assessed by examining the marks left on the witness box. During a center strike, as the bullet shatters on impact, the majority of the fragments spread out at less than 7.8-degree angles from the target head. This area, which forms thin triangular shapes to the front, left and right of the target, is referred to as the “spall” area.

Extreme Ping audio feedback

When compared to flat steel audio feedback results, C-Bell Targets produce a louder and longer ping. The C-Bell ping can be heard for several seconds after the initial shot.

Sound Test Results

Independent 3rd Party Sound Testing results indicate C-Bell Targets ring duration far exceeds flat steel targets

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