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MotoShot: Keeping Communities and Officers Safe with Decision Making Training

MotoShot: Why Decision Making Training Matters

In a high-pressure situation, it can be hard to decide whether use-of-force is necessary. Your officers need proper training in understanding how and when to use force. For most law enforcement officers, decision making in high-stress situations is a skill that develops over time. MotoShot is here to help your officers stay at the top of their game in firearms training.
Training And Liability

When your officers are on patrol, they have the lives of the members of the community in their hands. It\’s key that they\’re well-trained. Officers need to know when to use force, as well as how much force to use. It takes practice and skill to understand how to subdue a suspect using the least amount of force necessary. Training is essential to helping your officers make the right decision in high-pressure situations. When officers aren’t trained in deciding when and how to use force, it’s more than a liability. It puts lives at risk. To keep the community your officers serve safe, your department must have a proper use-of-force training program in place.

“They [officers] must have adequate training for the situations they’ll face on the job.  

Since the landmark 1989 US Supreme Court ruling, City of Canton, Ohio v. Geraldine Harris, police departments are liable for poorly trained officers making bad decisions on the job. Officers are accountable for their actions. They must have adequate training for the situations they\’ll face on the job. When you utilize target systems, you help your officers prepare for real-world scenarios. With target systems, your officers form the neurological pathways that respond in high-pressure situations. Your officers will be more calm in high stakes scenarios. They\’ll be less likely to make rash decisions. Well-trained officers are better able to keep the community (and themselves) safe when dangerous situations arise.

When cost is a concern<

At MotoShot, we understand that you want the best training for your officers. It can be hard to get what you need and stay within budgetary constraints. We offer both moving and stationary target systems that can help your officers prepare for situations they\’ll face on the job. We provide many target training options, including:
Elite Armored and Elite Standard robots for live-fire training- These moving targets help your officers practice in the unpredictable conditions of a live-fire situation. Our robots can move in realistic and spontaneous appearing movements, requiring your officers to constantly adjust and reassess.
• Nonlethal 921 and 925 Training robots- This option is excellent for training in hostage or fugitive scenarios.
• Stationary targets- Our Bi-Directional Turning Targets are controlled via remote, allowing you to create a simulation of a violent crime scene. This option helps officers practice decision making, use-of-force, and shoot/ no-shoot skills. Our stationary targets are both affordable and portable, making them a popular choice for many law enforcement training programs.

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