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Demo Program

Have the chance to show off what MotoShot can do for your departments training program.

By providing a physical demo of how MotoShot would be utilized in training scenarios more than half of the agencies that have taken part in the DEMO program have had success convincing their Board, Chief, or other decision-makers (s) of the need to incorporate moving targets into the training (by providing a physical demo of how MotoShot would be utilized in training scenarios). For a Department attempting to transition from fixed position targets or basic lateral movers, having a MotoShot running around in all directions and at variable speeds, charging, and retreating is an impactful experience.

We are offering this program because we know that once you operate a MotoShot Target System for yourself you'll be impressed with the:

• Ease of use
• Quick and responsive maneuvering
• Durability and design
• Unlimited training applications
• 30-Day Demo or 30-day money-back guarantee*
(Does not include return freight costs.)

FREE DEMO 1-715-781-5972
SALES 1-866-580-4284
SERVICE 1-715-247-3094

*Some restrictions apply

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MotoShot DEMO details

Each DEMO is shipped via FedEx in our hard-side pelican cases and requires no setup. You’ll receive 1 – Elite Standard Robot, Paper target bracket, 2X4 target bracket (for the 3D Target), batteries/charger, and MM3D Target.

The MotoShot DEMO is allocated based on “a first come first serve” and for a period of 30 days. During your 30-day DEMO period, we ask that your Department schedules trainers and decision-makers to view the MotoShot, or ideally, attend a range events in which they can gain a basic knowledge of MotoShot’s applicability to training, from basic marksmanship to tactical courses.

We believe offering a DEMO unit provides the opportunity for your Department to see how MotoShot would be an essential tool for your training curriculum. 

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