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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We are pleased to announce our most recent upgrade option to MotoShot... MotoTRAX. MotoTrax are a Train-rail like tracking system that will follow a fixed course that you decide. Click HERE to see a video and learn a bit more.

The Fall feature can be easily disabled for training times where it is not appropriate or practical to go down range to reset the target. It's always better to have the system built with all options, and disable certain options when not needed. Although systems can be upgraded at a later date it is much simpler and more cost effective to make those decisions up front.
No. Your Robot will come to you fully programmed. No additional programming necessary. The remote manual has been included only as a reference tool in the unlikely event that your unit will need service. ​
The Spread Spectrum Digital remote operates in the 2.4GHz band (that's 2400MHz). This high frequency offers a significant advantage as it is well out of the range of model-generated radio interference (like motor and ESC noise). The DSS remote system uses Direct Sequencing Spread Spectrum modulation to generate a wide signal on a single frequency. The FCC requires that these systems be smart incorporating collision avoidance such that when a system is turned on, it scans the 2.4GHz band and selects a channel that is not being used, then begins transmitting on that unused channel. 79 channels are available and the odds of one DSS remote system interfering with another are astronomically remote. The 2.4GHz spectrum has a capacity of 99 channels. In the unlikely event that the spectrum is full, the 80th system will not connect or cause any interference going into hold scan until a channel is free.
Absolutely. Please go to our products page and then click on Accessories for the details.

Yes. MotoShot TCR 921/925 are rated for up to 50/100lbs. respectively. The U channel design accepts multiple target brackets. Additional brackets are available, part number TCR-919. Target brackets should be mounted closest to the center of the length U channel for best performance.

MotoShot's standard remote range is 1000 meters line of sight. However, we do have a Long Range option. Please contact us if you would like a quote of to upgrade your current system.
Yes. Each MotoShot Robot uses a 2.4 GHz digital spread spectrum remote that has been factory bonded and paired. Multiple units can be operated at the same time.
The battery fuse may blow if you run MotoShot into something hard. This fuse is easily replaced and is located on the battery pack connection lead. A 30 amp mini fuse is required.

We have a replacement program for any shot parts. For a nominal charge any part of MotoShot can be replaced. Please contact us at 866-580-4284 or for a price list.

MotoShot is designed to maneuver over semi-improved to smooth surfaces. If you have concerns about the terrain consider upgrading the standard two wheel drive to four wheel. The four wheel MotoShot will handle 100lbs. of targets and traverse over rough terrain with ease.
We do offer a Demo of our 921 System. We only offer a Demo on this MotoShot System primarily due to logistics. All other MotoShot Systems are heavier, generally shipped on a pallet. The Demo Program is for 30 day periods in which you can get a chance to use the MotoShot, get a feel for its maneuverability and ease of operation. It’s a great option for when departments need to go through a “mock training” and demonstration a training drill to justify the procurement.

The standard Elite is handgun rated and the Elite Armored is constructed from NIJ LevelIII Armor and is Rifle Rated.
High points of the industrial system:
System is ballistically protected
Low maintenance
Long Run Time 

Yes, with the exception of the Gallery Mode.
Yes, we have standardized all MotoShot accessories mounts so that they can be easily swapped out. It is a good idea to have a 3/4" wrench on hand. ​

All the accessories were developed to enhance the moving target training system and allow training to progress from just a moving target to more dynamic and realistic scenarios. We have group the accessories into training categories.
Decision Making
Threat Identification
Use of Force
Tactical Response
Follow Through

Yes, MotoShot's Hit Sensing technology is reactive to all live fire rounds as well as NLTA. How long are my quotes valid?
Yes, we offer a standardized mounting system in which accessories and targets can quickly and easily be swapped out.
MotoShot has developed a hit sensor that, once a shot is detected on the 3D Target, stops the Robot. The Robot can then be started again via the remote. All MotoShot Systems are “prewired” for this technology but require the purchase of either a Hit Sensor or Fall System to activate it.
The Fall System works in conjunction with the Hit Stop and offers an additional level of realism above and beyond just the stopping of the Robot. With the Fall System once a shot is detached on the 3D Target, the Robot will stop and the target will immediately collapse.

In the primary mode MotoShot is a "running man" system in which the robot is operated via a handheld remote in any direction, operates out to 1000 meters and offers variable speed.
In the "gallery" mode MotoShot becomes a "track system". A simple track with a magnetic end point is placed laterally or in charging position on the range. With a flip of the switch on the handheld remote MotoShot will run continually on this track back and forth or charging forward and reverse. The feature is often used when a repeated course of fire is desired and typically using paper targets. Once in the gallery mode no remote operator is required.
The Gallery Feature must be purchased at the time of the original purchase and cannot be added on later.
So the system will have Gallery Mode but I can bolt on the other accessories later? Yes, Gallery Mode is enabled and disabled right at the remote and requires no tools or downtime when returning to "running man" mode of operation.

No, only static or fixed targets may be used when the system is in Gallery Mode. ​
Yes, the MotoShot Bi-Directional Paper Target Turner is a system that can be used as both a stand-alone system or can be quickly and easily mounted to the top of any MotoShot Target System. ¾” wrench required.
No, the 3D Target Dropper is a unique and independent system that cannot be mounted to a MotoShot Moving Target System.
The 3D Target Dropper base is a static system and does not move. The Hit Sensor can be set to detect and respond to a specific # of target strikes between 1-10. The hit reactive dropping targets on the movers are reactive to one hit. Typically the 3D Target Dropper is used in a shoot house.

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The MotoShot Robotic Moving Target Systems are extremely portable and work well with unimproved and permanent ranges. Because all systems can move in any direction, have variable speed, and can turn and charge the shooter in an instant, MotoShot is an intensely challenging firearms training system that will stretch any shooter’s skills.

Experience safe, realistic, and reactive target scenarios with MotoShot. We are a trusted target shooting solutions company that specializes in portable and multi-functional target systems. Our easy-to-use systems can move in any direction and at any speed, making them an ideal tool for firearms training. 

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