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Gallery Mode

Moving target practice using the Elite with Gallery and Target Turner

Gallery Mode Operation

Are you looking for an affordable, non-permanent moving target practice track system for your Commercial or private range? MotoShot with Gallery Mode is an excellent cost-effective portable choice. The track is constructed from simple 2″ x 4″‘s and can be installed anywhere. MotoShot with Gallery Mode requires no electrical or pneumatic hookups. Ideal when your training requires a consistent fixed course.


Gallery mode is a feature that must be installed upfront when you purchase your MotoShot. However we offer the MotoTRAX option which are adaptable to existing MotoShot systems, simple to install and easy to use. With MotoTRAX your MotoShot can follow any course you design.

Quick set up, easy-to-use, and a non-permanent option for a range lane.

Track Assembly and Install

The track can be made to the length you prefer and can have angles with a curve of less than 20°. The track shown above was constructed from:

  • 3; 8′ common 2″ x 4″ timbers.
  • 1; 6′ common 1″ x 2″ strip
  • 4; truss mending plates

The track materials are fairly simple we know that you may not have the tools or the time to make your own. Let us know. We can “kit” up a track for you.

Just wanted to let you know that our officers are excited at the added dimension your MotoShot has given our Departments firearms training program.

Autopilot Operation Mode

Autopilot Mode is different from Gallery Mode because it requires no tracks. With Autopilot, your MotoShot will run back and forth with NO Operator and NO track. MotoShot is the first ever moving target to offer this feature! Simply drive your MotoShot out to shooting distance on a range, enable autopilot via a button on the remote and your MotoShot will travel back and forth for up to 6 hours!

  • No operator required
  • 6 hours on a single charge
  • All steel chassis protects the robot from bullet splatter and errant rounds
More information on the system shown in the above video: Elite Series Moving Target and C-Bell Steel Targets

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When affordability and mobility are key – our Gallery Mode Target Systems can get you moving and training.

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