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MotoShot: Portability

MotoShot: Portability

One of the things I have neglected to talk about in the past about MotoShot is its portability. One of the issues that we had at the department where I worked was the fact that we used an outdoor range. As time went on, more residents moved into the area of the range and complained about the noise. Fortunately, we were able to mitigate much of the sound but for some agencies, they are forced to drive long distances to train at outdoor facilities. The beauty of MotoShot is that it is very portable. You simply pick it up and place it in the trunk of a car or in the back of an SUV, or you simply drive it up onto the back of a pickup truck and it’s ready to go. MotoShot works on battery power and depending upon how you operate the MotoShot robot, the batteries can last up to eight hours. But if you run out of battery power you can always change the battery out and continue your training exercise without having to recharge the battery.

MotoShot offers portability, plenty of power and outstanding training.

I find myself talking almost exclusively about the MotoShot robot but it’s important to point out there are other options that Hale Outdoor Products Inc. offers. For instance, MotoShot offers traditional target turners, lifters, and even the ability to equip the MotoShot robot to run on a fixed path. A clever design, the MotoShot Trax allows those agencies who must run a set course of fire. MotoShot offers a full menu of options for modern firearms training. Of course, I personally think the MotoShot robot is the best training platform available on the market today notwithstanding the fact it gives you the biggest bang for your buck especially given what agencies often spend on sending officers to popular tactical training seminars.

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The article was written by Glen Hartman March 2022

About the author

Glen Hartman has a lifelong commitment to public safety.  He currently serves as Firearms Instructor, Rescue Dive Team Coordinator, and Patrol Sergeant Hudson Police Department.  In addition, Glen has accomplished some notable achievements such as Defensive and Arrest Tactics Instructor, Chemical Irritants, Percussive Devices, and Less Lethal Instructor as well as being FBI trained in active shooter and digital video recovery, just to name a few.

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