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MotoShot: Stress-Induced Shooting

MotoShot: Stress-Induced Shooting

I have sung the praises of MotoShot and the fact that it is a moving platform. It can react to a variety of force options and provide limitless scenarios. However, I have focused on the robot moving and not a lot on student movement. To be clear, when I say “Student movement,” I am referring to stressing the student to the point of exhaustion and then forcing them to shoot accurately. My military students are very familiar with this concept, but when it comes to your average police officer, I am going to make some assumptions and say that most instructors do not have their student officers perform a variety of tasks meant to tire them to the point they are focusing more on the pain than they are on shooting. I remember officers laughing at the idea of making them run around a building and then shooting. The laughing soon stopped when they realized how poor their accuracy was.

if they do not strike the MotoShot in the proper spot, it will not react. The student will be forced to continue to shoot until the threat has been neutralized.

When you consider active shooter response, you can conceptualize protracted running. Engagement with the threat could potentially be very one-sided if you engage the threat severely fatigued. But just having the students running around and suddenly having them stop and shoot at a stationary target isn’t exactly cutting-edge training. That being said, imagine having them pursue a MotoShot Robot and engaging the threat over a period of time. As they shoot, if they do not strike the MotoShot in the proper spot, it will not react. The student will be forced to continue to shoot until the threat has been neutralized. Keep in mind the officer will also need to consider what innocent targets remain downrange and how much ammo he or she has remaining.

Finally, instruct shooters on weak-handed shooting, shooting from a vehicle, shooting while running backward, and shooting from a vehicle. Consider fatiguing your students by having them run for a period of time, place the student’s handgun or rifle in a malfunction phase, advance the MotoShot Robot at the student forcing a response. To be even more diabolical, soak the student’s hands in ice water for at least a minute and have them attempt to shoot at the MotoShot Robot with very cold hands. These are two very easy training tips that will induce a stress response. MotoShot can easily be introduced into all these training scenarios. On a final note and word of caution, I recommend starting with the use of training aids such as Red Guns or similar non-lethal options before using live firearms munitions.

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The article was written by Glen Hartman July 2021

About the author

Glen Hartman has a lifelong commitment to public safety. He currently serves as Firearms Instructor, Rescue Dive Team Coordinator, and Patrol Sergeant Hudson Police Department. In addition, Glen has accomplished some notable achievements such as Defensive and Arrest Tactics Instructor, Chemical Irritants, Percussive Devices, and Less Lethal Instructor as well as being FBI trained in active shooter and digital video recovery, just to name a few.

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