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MotoShot: Cost-Effective, Adaptable and Realistic Training by MotoShot Target Systems

MotoShot: Cost-Effective, Adaptable and Realistic Training by MotoShot Target Systems

For armed peace keepers from military to police, right down to the homeowner looking to protect his family – there’s nothing that matters more at the moment of judgment than the ability to confront threats with superior speed and accuracy. Anyone with even a small amount of firearms experience knows that the most important asset you have in a gunfight is between your ears.

Adaptable and Realistic Training

Training is the most important thing for an armed guardian to possess. Every military and law enforcement professional knows that rigorous, regular, repetitive and realistic training is the only chance we have to be able to act in a way that is both effective and legally astute- overcoming both fear and bad shooting habits.
That’s why the professionals at Hale Outdoor Products, LLC developed MotoShot, along with a number of other innovative products aimed at assisting the work of first responders.

What is MotoShot?

The MotoShot Target training system is the world’s most advanced and practical shooter training system ever devised. Not only can the MotoShot deliver versatile, realistic, and challenging shooting training scenarios, but it can be taken anywhere, used on nearly any terrain, and automatically set up an entire training scenario for task-specific training.

The MotoShot is a remote control robotic platform that can be made to carry realistic targets and other equipment. It can move in ways that mimic the movements of a real-life target- challenging trainees to respond to unpredictable movements and adapt to rapidly changing scenarios and target types.

Why MotoShot is Superior to Traditional Targets

Traditional targets are usually stationary. While these are ideal for training beginners, professional peace keepers need to practice using realistic targets and obtain the muscle memory to lead moving targets and overcome the problems associated with targets that change direction suddenly.  Track based targets are far superior to stationary targets, but they are still predictable and offer little in the way of practical training for experienced firearms users. Even before the training exercise has begun, the trainee can tell where the target will go. For practical training purposes, this is not ideal.

The MotoShot can make dynamic, target-tracking training as commonplace for your teams as shooting stationary targets is right now. The MotoShot is rechargeable and can be used at any time and any place where shooting practice is safe.
Imagine the advantage of being able to shoot moving targets safely at every single training evolution. When it comes to realistic tactical and marksmanship training, the MotoShot advantage is enormous!

MotoShot Advanced Target Training Features

In addition to the MotoShot’s ability to move and respond faster and more realistically than any other target training system, it also comes with a range of advanced features for specific training and tactical purposes.

Durable Plate Armor:

The main unit is low to the ground and easy to avoid shooting. However, it is also protected by thick plate steel armor that makes the unit all but indestructible.

C-Bell Steel Targets:

These steel cylindrical targets stand high on the platform offering a valuable marksmanship training tool. When struck, the durable bell emits a loud metallic ring that is the perfect feedback mechanism for shooters in training.

Hit Reactive Dropping Targets:

The MotoShot comes with a variety of targets that respond to hits, letting your marksmen know when they have struck their target. This is a very important training asset for tactical marksmen who need to be able to move from target to target rapidly.

Threat Management Trainers:

These tactical trainers present the image of a threat target and a non-threat, and can quickly switch between them. This trains the shooter to respond quickly and correctly when working in areas where both threats and non-threats may be present.

Tactical Accessories:

The MotoShot is also an asset in real-life situations. It can be fitted with an Ultrabright LED Bar for illumination, useful when teams require a powerful light source but do not want to compromise their own safety by holding it themselves. This gives you the ability to safely gain visual contact in any area where dangers may exist- giving your teams an invaluable advantage.

Once you train with the MotoShot, you’ll never want to go back to traditional targets again!
To learn more, and to schedule a demonstration, contact the professionals at Hale Outdoor Products today.

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