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Moving to threat drills

Moving to Threat Drills

| Sample training exercise using MotoShot | Does your range training incorporate at various training levels such as moving targets and threat identification?

With Law Enforcement range training, you must train your officers at various levels to include moving targets and threat identification. At the same time, targets placed on the MotoShot mover should vary from shoot to non-shoot situation targets. It is also essential to include specific targets that may be hard to see from a distance, even during the daytime hours.

Try out this sample exercise:

Try out this sample exercise:

  1. Begin from the 50-yard line, paired off officers will assess the subject target located at the 5-yard line.
  2. Officers will communicate with each other, each officer calling out what they see in the subject’s hand.
  3. The MotoShot mover will have the designated situation target of choice. The instructor will monitor what the participants call out to see if they are seeing clearly from that distance.
  4. Officers will then be directed to move tactically towards the 25-yard line, where they will then take immediate cover. While they are moving towards the 25-yard line, the mover will be slowly moving laterally. The MotoShot operator will present a front-facing target so that officers can see what the subject is holding. Then quickly pivot the MotoShot target away from the officers.
    (NOTE: place the MotoShot mover between a makeshift doorway opening made up of stacked barricades high enough to replicate a doorway threshold)
    During the lateral movement, the instructor can move MotoShot slowly, from side to side, and may pause the movement at any time.
  5. From the 25-yard line, officers will again call out what they see in the subject target’s hand. Once the instructors are satisfied with the officer’s responses, the officers are directed toward the makeshift entry point of the training environment located somewhere positioned at the 20-yard line.
  6. Officers advance towards the hallway area where MotoShot is located (5-yard line) and stop at the 10-yard line (place marking points for where officers will stand).
  7. Officers advance towards the doorway and now have to “identify” and, where needed, stop the threat.
  8. The MotoShot mover can then be activated to move laterally in between the doorway suddenly. Ensure the doorway is positioned at the 7-yard line to allow for a gap for officer entry and the mover to have enough room to move left, right or spin.
  9. Officers will either have to take a shot while moving down the hallway (if they deem the threat to be a deadly force shoot) or verbalize from the hallway point just before entering the room (if they see an unarmed person). This simple trick will make some officers choose various decisions such as “direct to threat,” instantaneous shots (which can be justified) or some officers will tend to shoot (without knowing the subject was unarmed) instinctively.
  10. This dynamic exercise combines multi-distance visual stimulus AND communication skills.

Learn more about MotoShot Moving Targets HERE

Video provided by:
Jose Medina
CEO/Director of Operations
Team APC

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