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Multiple Officer Engagements and MotoShot

Multiple Officers – Multiple Threats

If you have not practiced multiple officer threat engagement, you may be missing out on a crucial training concept. Statics vary widely on officer’s shooting accuracy but I think we can agree, for the sake of discussion, a

50 percent hit ratio would be close to accurate.

In any case, when you add additional officers, the accuracy has been known to drop by 80 percent. There can be many factors in why this occurs

  • multiple rounds being fired while the officer or target is moving
  • distance
  • lighting, etc.

in any case, the use of the MotoShot Moving Target System can, with training, decrease these hit factor inaccuracies and increase hit ratios. By engaging multiple officers on a target

  • you can evaluate your hit accuracy
  • discuss the factors employed and
  • modify your training regimen to mitigate the miss factors

MotoShot can easily provide this type of dynamic scenario training. Employ MotoShot in low light situations, adverse weather conditions and multiple officer engagements all while MotoShot is on the move.

Article written by Glen Hartman January, 2020

About the author
Glen Hartman has a lifelong commitment to public safety.  He currently serves as Firearms Instructor, Rescue Dive Team Coordinator, and Patrol Sergeant Hudson Police Department.  In addition, Glen has accomplished some notable achievements such as Defensive and Arrest Tactics Instructor, Chemical Irritants, Percussive Devices, and Less Lethal Instructor as well as being FBI trained in active shooter and digital video recovery, just to name a few.

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