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Officer Ambush: recognizing potential adversaries in an armed confrontation

Recently there has been an alarming number of police officers killed by ambush. As you may recall four officers were killed in 2009 in a Lakewood, Washington coffee shop. In 2021 Officer Gonzalez of the Pentagon Protection Force, was ambushed by a 27-year-old who initially stabbed the officer then shot him with his own weapon. Ambush is not something new to law-enforcement.

There are endless scenarios where officers, while in the course of their duties, could be confronted by adversaries. Over the years we’ve trained officers that “hands kill,” and that’s fine if you can see the subject approaching you.

But what if you are in a situation where you are focused on something else and your attention is drawn away from your surroundings.

In the past I have written about shooting from the patrol vehicle, but officers are not necessarily in their squads when shot. Let’s look at some examples of how MotoShot can help train officers in recognizing potential adversaries in an armed confrontation.

MotoShot robot can be deployed in situations where the officer is quickly caught off guard and is forced to react. For instance, you’re walking up to a residence, and you are confronted by the MotoShot robot from a neighbor’s residence. (while on the firing range consider using tents simulating a residence) The MotoShot robot can emerge from a tent or from some other simulated structure and confront the trainee.

In some cases, officers were dispatched to a bogus call and as they exited their vehicles they were fired upon. Squad cars can be driven onto the range where the MotoShot robot suddenly appears and confronts the officer or trainee.

The MotoShot 3D target can also be dressed in bulky clothing making it difficult for the officer to see hidden weapons. Consider close-quarter shooting where the officer is speaking to the MotoShot robot, and the robot suddenly produces a weapon. The officer can push the MotoShot robot back and engage the robot with his or her firearm.

Consider creating scenarios where the MotoShot robot emerges from a large group of individuals involved in an urban unrest situation. The MotoShot robot can emerge from a crowd of people and the officer can engage the robot using nonlethal Airsoft or similar training aids.

As I have written about previously nighttime shooting always presents unique challenges for students. MotoShot robots can be equipped with a variety of lighting distractions meant to disorient the officers and can provide a unique training experience.

As I mentioned earlier, about the four police officers who were killed while they were inside a coffee shop in Lakewood, Washington. The four officers were shot by a subject who came into the store and engaged officers. Again, using old tents or similar enclosures, officers could be placed inside of a structure and the MotoShot robot can enter and confront the officers. This exercise can reinforce maintaining awareness of surroundings and individuals approaching officers as they are conducting business.

There will always be situations where officers are caught off guard and unable to quickly respond however, MotoShot can provide a training platform where officers can practice being focused on their surroundings and watching for emerging threats. The MotoShot robot can offer the perfect opportunity for officers to engage and neutralize a threat with their firearms.

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