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Moving target system rolls into the Salina PD

The MotoShot targeting system is an excellent training tool

Moving target system rolls into the Salina PD

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The Salina Police Department unveiled their new MotoShot Elite moving target system at a demonstration Tuesday morning. The system was purchased with donations to the Salina Police Department Excellence Fund. The Excellence Fund was founded in July of 2016 under the auspice of the Greater Salina Community Foundation to provide the opportunity for those in the community to support local law enforcement. In conjunction with local law enforcement, the board approved the purchase of the targeting system for $12,226.87. The department took possession of it late last week.

This targeting system is an excellent training tool to be utilized at our firing range to create more realistic training opportunities,” the department said in a press release. “The system can be equipped with a variety of targets to create different scenarios. The bell target demonstrated in the video is less than a foot long and a few inches wide. It rings when hit.

As well as having several detachable targets, the systems armored remote control base can be used for SWAT operations as it can also be equipped with a camera linked to an HD LCD monitor.  For the demonstration, a dummy was placed on the targeting system. A single round from a .40 caliber had been discharged through the dummy, creating a pencil-sized hole.  According to a police spokesperson, there are only about three agencies in the state that are using technology like this.

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