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3D MotoMan Target

3D MotoMan Target


MotoMan 3D Target is compatible with ALL MotoShot hit reactive stationary target and moving targets. May also be used as a stand-alone static target or on our 3D Target Pivot Stand.

NOTE: MotoMan 3D Target may require rubber fill when being used with the Pivot Stand….. more info HERE

Designed better than other 3D Targets on the market.
• MotoMan features an interlocking shoulder joint that allows the arms to be set to a variety of threat/no threat positions but yet remains adjustable enough that you can re-position the arms without needing to loosen the shoulder bolt. This is a huge benefit over other systems that require tools to move the arms!

• MotoMan DOES NOT require the purchase of additional torso brackets for mounting to 2″ x 4″ posts. The MotoMan post pocket is a fitted and tapered pocket that perfectly fits all 2″ X 4″ without the need for an additional positioning bracket.
MotoMan is a fully dimensional, hit reactive 3D Target that features:
• interlocking shoulders for no-slip positioning
• formed post pocket for tighter post fit. Does not require a mounting bracket like other 3D targets.
• counter-sunk hit sensor placement pad

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Place a MotoMan 3D Plastic Target on a Pivot Stand to create a hit reactive 3D Target.

Click HERE to learn more about Pivot Stands

MotoMan with embedded 3D C-Bell AR500 Target provides audible feedback when the target is hit in the “A” Zone.

MotoMan Target can be used as a static target, as a hit reactive falling target, on a moving target system such as a Elite Target System or with audible center mass feedback.

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 12 in
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