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Edge Lights

Edge Lights


Edge Light training shot confirmation for paper, steel, and plastic targets.  Instant response to all live-fire and less-lethal rounds from any distance.

  • Wireless electronic light indicating system
  • Instant reports upon impact to indicate on target hit
  • No need to cross the line of fire to check the target
  • Lightweight, easy to set up, transport, and store
  • Perfect for slow-fire or rapid-fire training
  • Battery operated
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Edge Lights can be mounted to plastic lids, polymer, chipboard disks, or just about any somewhat rigid target material to create fun, interactive, and hit reactive target for AirSoft.

  • Steel Targets – Edge Lights can be retrofit to any existing steel target
  • AirSoft Targets – Edge Light can be added to just about any type of  plastic target
  • Low light training – Edge Lights are available in infrared for night vision tactical training shot confirmation
  • Force on Force – Edge Lights can be used during simulation training to provide shot confirmation
  • Indoor Ranges – Integrated into your target carrier rail system.
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2 in

Green, Red, Infrared


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