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Seven Ten Split

Seven Ten Split

MotoShot | Endless Training Opportunites

Imagine walking along a wall in a building and suddenly having a life-size manikin emerge from around a corner and confront you with a weapon. MotoShot achieves that level of realism.

The use of MotoShot and proper movement can provide officers the opportunity to hit a moving target. MotoShot can move in all directions, start, stop, and has variable speed, providing the officers with endless challenges but potentially lifesaving accuracy.

I recently went to the range as I have done hundreds of times in my career, the range officers set up a bunch of bowling pins and have the officers move from cover to cover shooting at the pins as you progress through the course of fire. In one station the instructor pulls a string and the pin swings back and forth on a rope. The pin simulates movement, the very thing that Motoshot does but without the predictability of the swinging pin. Statistics show most cops are terrible shooters but put the MotoShot in motion and it opens up a host of challenges. Motoshot provides officers the opportunity to leave the range inspired rather than frustrated.

by Glen Hartman | Hudson Police Department

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