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Stun Gun Dynamic Training

Dynamic Training for Stun Guns

MotoShot | Manual drop response for Stun Gun Training

by Glen Hartman Hudson Police Department

Stun Guns or ECD training, much like firearms training, frequently involves static placement of targets as well as officers. Officers frequently complain that the ECD, after deployment, did not work on the intended target. Those of us who live in the north are familiar with our effort to make proper ECD hits only to find thick clothing foiled our attempt. Dynamic application and subject familiarity with the device are also areas of concern.
You may ask yourself what is meant by, “Subject Familiarity?” It has been well documented that there are individuals mainly in prison settings when struck by ECD’s simply roll on the ground in an effort to dislodge the probes. If this is encountered then officers should be prepared to escalate the use of force to the next level whatever that may be your particular jurisdiction. Thick clothing and target misses are also frequent causes for ECD ineffectiveness. Instructing officer on how to overcome some of these shortcomings are easily remedied by dynamic training techniques.

“The implementation of moving targets is one of the most effective ways to overcome the issue of dynamic application.”  

For instance, if the officer notices that one of the probes has failed to strike the intended target, then the officer can merely touch the ECD to the subject which will then complete the circuit and cause muscular disruption. However, if the subject is still combative other traditional methods may be necessary.

ECDs are very effective tools in the law-enforcement arsenal for controlling subjects. However, it has its limitations. The ability to introduce officers in the use of moving targets is an ideal training option.

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