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Tactical Response

MotoShot can quickly be converted to a tactical response robot

LED Light Bar Carrying Case

Rugged Carrying/Storage Case included with purchase

Dimensions: 4" X 36" X 10"
Weight: Only 5.4 LBS

Emergency Scene Lighting

The MotoShot LED Tactical Light Bar mounts easily to the MotoShot Training Robot for quick deployment in critical situations. The MotoShot Training Robot, with Tactical Light Bar made from 40 High Output CREE LED’s, can be quickly and safely driven into position ahead of your team providing on scene lighting. The LED Tactical Light Bar can be turned ON/OFF via the digital remote and is powered by Moonshots on-board extreme run time batteries which will provide hours of light.

LED Tactical Lighting Specifications

  • 7500 lumens
  • Weighs just 8 lbs
  • LED life span: 30,000+ hrs
  • CREE LED combo beam with 32 center spot LEDs
  • 8-side flood LEDs
  • Housing is black
  • Lens: tempered glass
  • Super strong, heavy-duty die-cast aluminum magnetic mounting brackets
  • Battery life: stationary 8 hrs, on mover 4 hrs

Use MotoShot Robotic Tactical Lighting for:

Emergency Scene Lighting



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