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“tactical training” over “target training” and training for the ambush

“target shooters” over “tactical shooters” and training for the ambush

For far too long, I have seen too many police agencies giving officers firearms training with the majority of the training based on the “static tactical platform,” meaning; fluid and fast shooting techniques based on limited movement and footwork.

Training for police officers must focus on the 360-degree element such as pivots, turns, kneeling to moving, moving from and to cover, and not just standing out there in the open.

At the same time, seated shooting positions must come into play more frequently, and this can be easily done in any police vehicle or simulated police vehicle.

The types of ammunition that can be used do not always have to be “live rounds.”  Although the live rounds are the ultimate in the grand slam of firearms, the use of airsoft training weapons, training munitions, or UTM type training munitions can be utilized.  Simple dry weapons can also be used in this environment without fear of hitting objects or people with training rounds.  The key here will always be the “reaction tools” used in training.

Recommended targets should be reality-based targets that show the subjects\’ clothing colors or 3D type targets, such as mannequins that can be mounted on MotoShot Moving Target Systems.  Examples can be “ambush awareness drills” where officers can be placed in vehicles, and they can be conducting their report writing simulations or looking down on their phones. During that time, the MotoShot Moving Target System can be set up to rove in multiple directions and locations around the police vehicle. An approach of the subject on the move can appear, and they must react to it.  Remember, the targets do not always have to be bad guy targets but can be shoot-don’t shoot situation style targets.  At the same time, officers should be challenged to shoot from seated positions of their patrol cars, and they can suddenly deploy from the vehicle once the scenario begins. (this is IF the scenario calls for rapid deployment from the vehicle)

Sticking to traditional “Q” targets is bringing tactical failure to your officers as they stay trained as “target shooters” over “tactical shooters.”
So, in summary, it is time for Law Enforcement officials to rethink some of the training programs they have in place if they do not have a detailed, comprehensive plan to invest in their officer’s safety.  The MotoShot Target System should be looked at as a vital critical incident thinking tool for our law enforcement officers.  Think outside the box in your training for your officers instead of rushing the firearms qualification process. Trust me; they will thank you for it.

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The article was written by Jose Medina October 2020

About the author
Jose L. Medina is currently a 27-year veteran of Law Enforcement and 17-year owner of Awareness Protective Consultants, doing business as Team APC and Medina Tactical Dynamics. Jose has an extensive background in training and consulting for various groups such as Law Enforcement, Schools, and Corporate Industries. Jose Medina and his team at Awareness Protective Consultants LLC (Team APC USA) have traveled, trained, lectured, and consulted throughout the world from Canada to Asia. Jose Medina can be reached at 732-259-4185, WEB or

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