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Threat management training with MotoShot to eliminate unintended discharges

Threat management training to eliminate unintended discharges

The stories are out there…
an officer shoots man with a screwdriver,
an officer falls to the ground their partner thinks they are under attack,
a man reaches for his wallet and is shot.

Many of these cases are in low light and involve furtive movement, fortunately, much of the time the use of a flashlight or less-lethal options can reduce these perceived threats.

A lack of training heightens stress, and the inability of officers to properly engage verbally with the subject can produce unintended discharges.

A MotoShot Moving Target System provides instructors with a variety of scenarios aimed at slowing the training tempo, allowing officers time to properly gain perspective, assess the threat, and make a well-informed decision to engage or disengage from the perceived threat.

A MotoShot Target Systems can be equipped with a Threat Management Trainer and a variety of weapons as well as the capacity to drop the weapon when the instructor feels the officer has properly engaged the subject verbally. MotoShot can be operated in all directions and at different speeds allowing the officer time to react. As the officer repeats the scenario, the tempo can gradually be increased to produce the desired training effect.

Article written by Glen Hartman April, 2020

About the author
Glen Hartman has a lifelong commitment to public safety.  He recently retired from service as Firearms Instructor, Rescue Dive Team Coordinator, and Patrol Sergeant Hudson Police Department.  In addition, Glen has accomplished some notable achievements such as Defensive and Arrest Tactics Instructor, Chemical Irritants, Percussive Devices, and Less Lethal Instructor as well as being FBI trained in active shooter and digital video recovery, just to name a few.

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