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Use-of-Force and Threat Management Training

Use-of-Force and Threat Management Training

Every few years, controversy arises in Law Enforcement in which an incident involving “use-of-force” becomes an “issue.” For decades the concept of use-of-force has been a topic of debate amongst many Americans and law enforcement experts. Currently, there is no general national use-of-force and threat management training policy. Every State can create and update their version of what is the standard, and all police officers are held to the rules implemented by their State.

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Essential factors in keeping officers up to date are consistent training in the use-of-force formats to include yearly or semi-annual training and actual hands-on situational and threat management training. There are currently many variations of this type of training

• force-on-force training,
• shoot-don’t-shoot scenario exercises,
• self-defense, and
• use of multi-response option training such as pepper spray, handcuffing and baton, and “verbal commands.”

“Small investments by administrations combined with the creativity of agency instructors, will help keep the officer’s minds fresh, their responses appropriate, and their confidence levels at the highest positive peak possible.”

Threat management training is a critical and needed component in training! Situations can become super fast, fluid, and dynamic, requiring police officers to make the ever famous “split-second decisions” that can range from verbal commands up to deadly force.

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In between these situations lies the psychology and science behind the officer’s reactions and responses to specific situations. For example, while patrolling the streets, officers will respond to what we call “routine” type calls such as a sick person, accidental injuries, motor vehicle crashes, and burglar alarms. In between these calls to service, officers will respond to domestic violence, shootings, emotionally disturbed person, edged weapon attack calls, etc. These are the areas where officers need to continue learning how to strategize their responses before arriving at calls.

“MotoShot’s Threat Management Trainer (TMT) is one example of a vital training tool that police agencies should regularly utilize to assist police officers in staying proficient in their response skillset.”

The TMT System can allow for trainers to stage scenarios putting officers in split-second decision making situations allowing for officers to be more critical and strategic in conducting building clearing techniques. Also, the TMT System can assist officers in working together in critical incidents, dealing with proper cover/contact tactic techniques, which will help officers work through possible issues of contagious gunfire. Police officers are not geared up to go on the road and look forward to shooting someone; it’s their job to protect and serve. Officers need to consistently work on their “technical skills” to be prepared for the “tactical response.”

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Police trainers as well Administrators should ensure their officers are always prepared by investing in the simplest, yet most effective, training tools available.  I have said for many years that police agencies could not afford to cut back on their officer’s training.  We have seen the many lawsuits for officer negligence involving the use of force continue to climb. Small investments by administrations combined with the creativity of agency instructors, will help keep the officer’s minds fresh, their responses appropriate, and their confidence levels at the highest positive peak possible.

The article was written by Jose Medina August 2020

About the author
Jose L. Medina is currently a 27-year veteran of Law Enforcement and 17-year owner of Awareness Protective Consultants, doing business as Team APC and Medina Tactical Dynamics. Jose has an extensive background in training and consulting for various groups such as Law Enforcement, Schools, and Corporate Industries. Jose Medina and his team at Awareness Protective Consultants LLC (Team APC USA) have traveled, trained, lectured, and consulted throughout the world from Canada to Asia. Jose Medina can be reached at 732-259-4185, WEB or

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