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Vehicle Pursuits and MotoShot Robots

Vehicle Pursuits and MotoShot Robots

I never liked watching Cops, LA Live or any reality-based law enforcement shows. Not that I was holier than thou, and wanted to turn every show into a critique, but it often revealed our weaknesses. It often showed our inability to de-escalate situations but to escalate them, especially pursuits. Do not get me wrong, some departments do a great job with pursuits, but some were problematic, to say the least.

Pursuits were one area that gave me heartburn as a supervisor. The thought of running into an innocent party was always at the forefront of my decisions. I cannot count the times I observed officers on my department as well as others, engage in a pursuit, and then, as the pursuit terminated, the officers bail out of the squads and rush the suspect. And it always seemed like we had just done the training in felony stops the week before. So, what is going on in an officer’s head that they throw all common sense out the window? Anger, the thrill of the chase, ego? Maybe all the above but good training and strict adherence to sound policy wins the day.

Good training and strict adherence to sound policy wins the day.

The MotoShot robot can respond to officers’ actions good and bad. In the scenario I just outlined above, if officers begin to deviate from proper training guidelines the MotoShot robot will react and force officers to take a course of action consistent with department policy. If for instance officers exit the squad too soon the MotoShot robot can confront the officers simulating a violent confrontation. MotoShot can also simulate subjects running from the vehicle after having come to a stop. This is an excellent K-9 training tool if a K-9 is on scene. MotoShot can also simulate the refusal of subjects to exit a vehicle. Agencies if they chose to do so, could deploy chemical irritants minimizing the exposure to officers.

One of the most important training concepts I recalled teaching was the introduction of innocent bystanders entering into the field of fire during a confrontation. In live-fire exercises, it is impossible to have a live person move through the scene so naturally, the MotoShot robot can function as a bystander giving officers a real-time shoot don’t shoot opportunity.

As I look back on my career, we rarely had vehicle pursuit training at night, especially with firearms it just was not practical. MotoShot is a safe and inexpensive moving target system that can be deployed in a variety of difficult terrain, weather conditions and/or structures. MotoShot offers options for ballistic values making it safe for both handgun and rifle use. Lastly, MotoShot is quickly rechargeable and has a new auto-reset feature to ensure your training continues uninterrupted.

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The article was written by Glen Hartman November 2021

About the author

Glen Hartman has a lifelong commitment to public safety. He currently serves as Firearms Instructor, Rescue Dive Team Coordinator, and Patrol Sergeant Hudson Police Department. In addition, Glen has accomplished some notable achievements such as Defensive and Arrest Tactics Instructor, Chemical Irritants, Percussive Devices, and Less Lethal Instructor as well as being FBI trained in active shooter and digital video recovery, just to name a few.

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