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Why MotoShot

MotoShot Moving Target Systems meet requirements!

Included in POST requirements and known to Firearms Training professionals for decades; some of the core critical requirements every firearms training program must have to train officers are:

  • Preparing for attacks – sudden movements, quick and close-quarter combat skills, and decisions
  • Preparing for multiple threats and innocent bystanders – presenting multiple targets simultaneously that are mixed with non-threat targets
  • Preparing to create distance – charging targets, varying the speed of targets
  • Preparing officers for “moving while shooting” – create cover, awareness of what’s beyond the intended target

Create realistic, reactive and moving target scenarios with MotoShot!

The goal of any training event is to create a virtual reality of a situation an officer will face in the future. The reality is people out on the street, in shopping malls and in parking lots do not stand still. Both the threats and innocent bystanders are in constant movement. Training officers to observe their surroundings and observe what’s beyond the target is critical. MotoShot Moving targets are virtually the only way to create life-like, realistic scenarios.

Police need to be 100% accountable for every shot made. The hope is that they will never have to shoot at anybody but if they do, they need to make sure that what they hit is what they are shooting at. 

MotoShot Moving Target Systems Are Intensely Challenging

Our moving and reactive systems firearms training systems will stretch any shooter’s skills.  All systems are extremely portable and work well with unimproved and permanent ranges. The operator can control the “attitude” of the MotoShot Robot; moving in any direction, increase and decrease speed, turn and charge the shooter in an instant.

An instructor can control direction, speed, and even the attitude and response of the target simulating unlimited scenarios. In a split second, a simulated non-threat subject can become a threat, turn, and charge the student or officer.

Build Shooter Confidence

Increase Expansion of Field

Require the Officer to Move

Increase Muscle Memory Through Training & Repetition

Why not purchase one system that will fulfill all these training elements?

  • Moving Targets
  • Charging Targets
  • Lateral Targets
  • Hit Responsive Targets
  • Immediate Feedback
  • Decision Targets

MotoShot Systems are:

  • Simple to operate
  • Fits into trunk of a cruiser
  • Robust design
  • Carry any type of target
  • Deploys in seconds
  • All steel construction
  • No assembly or disassembly required
  • Lightweight chassis – man portable
  • Compact wheel base

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MotoShot Moving Target Systems are affordable and multi-functional!

Ultimately an Officers’ ability to respond safely and quickly in real-world situations comes down to the scope of scenarios presented and the extent of success they developed during “range days”. Every Firearms Trainer has to consider what range equipment can be used to develop the most realistic scenarios to attain the best results.

Trainers are forced to contend with budget concerns and finding the most cost-effective solution for a broad range of training needs. These solutions must require minimal maintenance and low operational costs year over year.

Trainers need equipment that is simple to implement into their existing range and/or easy to transport to a borrowed or leased range.

MotoShot is the answer to trainers’ concerns! 

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